Real Estate Investment Training

Real Estate EssentialsTREP’s 2 day Real Estate Investing training, will introduce you, step-by-step through the different types of Real Estate investing models, such as Buy-Fix-Sell, Rent to Own, Wholesaling / Deal Finder, Traditional Buy & Hold – Rental Properties and more. This Real Estate Investment Training will expose you to use the high value strategies we’ve used in our own business to generate monthly cash flow of $5000, $10,000  and to $100,000 or over, per deal! 

Finally, Real Estate Investment training that gives you an unparalleled educational experience. Actual Real Estate Investing experts guide the training to ensure you get massively profitable results!

This two day Real Estate Investment intensive training is jam packed with valuable Real Estate Investing information with only one thing in mind, your success!

Powerful Real Estate Investment Training

You will walk away form this training with the exact strategies that we have used to build a very successful Real Estate investing company. You will be ready to hit the ground running with virtually all the information required for anyone become a very successful Real Estate Investor. 

Mistakes can be costly and with expert training you will be prepared with full knowledge of what to do and how to do it safely and with confidence.

Many people “dabble” in Real Estate Investing yet, for some reason, very few individuals actually take the initiative to learn what actually works first. That’s where our Real Estate Seminar will come in to help you from day one. Based on our own expertise and results we’ll help you learn exactly what you need to know before you begin. TREP’s 2 day Intensive Real Estate Seminar is .he first step to your success.

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 What You’ll Learn In This 2-Day Intensive Real Estate Seminar Training

  • How to avoid the biggest Road Block That Stops 95% of Real Estate Investors from Ever Beginning and Making It
  • How to prescreen tenants and contractors
  •  Learn to easily handle any seller or buyer objections
  •  How to quickly evaluate a home in disrepair and figure a total accurate repair cost
  • Where to find the best deals on construction materials
  • Control your rehab costs, to always come in on budget
  • How to successfully put together Rent2Own deals in any market
  • How to Generate over 80 leads each and every month in Toronto and the GTA
  • Find lists of motivated sellers to contact for FREE
  • Analyze and beat your competitions’ real estate marketing efforts
  • Get other businesses to pay you so you can run your ads for FREE
  • Have realtors, mortgage brokers, and attorneys call you frequently with leads
  • Build a strong marketing team and completely outsource everything
  • Use the internet to put your business on auto-pilot


Why are we so confident about our Intensive Real Estate Investment Training?

It is because our students who use this information, get big results. We’re even more confident about HOW you learn it. Our trainers have all been trained by the best training coaches in the business. Our training methods are meant to deliver information in a manner where you will actually be able to retain it and use it for years. Money well spent!


Who Should Attend TREP’s 2 Day Real Estate Seminar?

Anyone who is serious about...

·         Learning everything required to be able to start successfully investing in Real Estate, regardless of experience

·         Learning successful Real Estate Investment strategies that will take your investing skills to the next level (This includes experienced investors!)

·         Generating $5000-$20,000 a month or more in extra income

·         Becoming their own boss – escaping from a 9-5 lifestyle

·         Protecting their Family From Economic Uncertainty

·          Avoiding making uninformed decisions and Losing Money On Hidden Costs

·         About building Automatic Multiple Income Streams today


About Training Real Estate Pros

Our Team of Professionally Certified trainers will help you learn everything you need to become successful in Real Estate Investing in Canada and the United States. Our team is comprised of Real Estate Investment Experts / Trainers, Investment Specialists, Real Estate Agents, Rehab Specialists, Contractors, Mortgage Brokers, Accountants, Legal Resources and an amazing Marketing team to show you how to market yourself and your Real Estate Investing business. We have Property listings, Rent to own properties and We also buy houses and much more that you will find on this website. And for those who want consultation or coaching on a one on one basis we have a team of experts waiting to help you now.

Let us help you take Real Estate Investing to the next level to the next level of profitability.


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