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Are you a Real Estate Investor or Contractor looking for great investment properties for sale to cash in Toronto or Greater Toronto Area? 

On a weekly basis we can provide you with Pre-Qualified List of great investment properties for sale that are 20-50% below Market value. We have great investment properties for sale in great locations in highly sellable areas of Toronto and GTA. Contact us Today to start the process and to receive your FREE List of investment properties for sale.

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We are Professional Real Estate Wholesalers in Toronto and the GTA and are offering great “Below Market” investment properties for sale. Investors and contractors, these great investment properties are just what you have been searching for. We are looking to assign the deals for a quick, modest profit and move on to the next deal. We leave MOST of the money in the deal for YOU – the Investor!

Talk to the Real Seller of the Investment Property for Sale

Many wholesalers that you speak to are selling other investors properties that they have no control over. We have a valid contract with the seller of these properties and are ready to make a great for deal you today!

View Detailed Information About the Investment Properties for Sale

Details will include comparable properties from the MLS, Property maps, a discounted wholesale price, photographs and everything you will need to determine if it’s a good deal for your bottom line…Be able to talk to real person in our office. You can contact us with any questions you may have about the property


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  1. Rehabbing -Where to start so that your flip doesn’t turn into a FLOP 
  2. 55 Tips for sprucing up your home when it’s time to sell!

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