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Private Lending

  • Take direct control of your investments
  • Safe and Secure Financial Growth 3 to 5 times more than the market rate
  • Maximize your investment dollars to get ahead now
  • Establish a never ending flow of cash (passive income)
  • Be financially successful with minimal effort, we do all the work for you


You’ve seen how volatile the stock market can be, remember the crash of 2007? Do you want your future to be controlled by events that take place on the other side of the globe? Do you think your Stock Broker has yours or his best interests in mind? Is the park and pray investment method you have been using to grow your financial wealth working? It’s time to consider alternatives…like Private Lending.

Why Invest with TREP Capital?

We are trained and experienced Real Estate Investment Professionals in the business of buying, renovating, rehabbing, managing and selling Real Estate in Canada and now, the United States. We specialize in providing solutions that help sellers sell less desirable properties quickly. These properties are purchased and then renovated to bring them back to the highest market value quickly and under TREP’s strict scope of work guidelines.


Our goal is to help build better neighborhoods. We help people and communities by taking sub standard properties, renovating them and improving the overall quality of life for the neighborhood. We help our private lenders get their capital working for them in safe, low risk and secure Real Estate investments where profits are maximized. 

Everybody Wins!! 

Our Method

TREP Capital has an extensive marketing and research system in place that enables our team members to locate the best investment properties using specific detailed criteria. This criteria includes ROI (Return on Investment), location and accessibility factors, suitability of neighbourhood, price point, turnaround time for rehab and more. We have a specialized team that includes Real Estate Agents, Accountants, Appraisers, Home Inspectors, Home Designers and Stagers, Mortgage Brokers and Contractors. This team works together to scrutinize all investment properties for maximum profitability and adherence to strict corporate processes and oversight.


When a property assessment is completed and the investment is deemed viable, TREP Capital purchases the property with funds from the private lender and then begins renovations. Upon completion of the renovations TREP Capital assigns one of our Real Estate Agents to sell the property to either the general public or an investor. Upon the closing of the sale or the refinancing of the property, the private lender is then paid back 100% of their full capital investment plus the percentage of interest as previously agreed upon with TREP Capital.

 Private lending is easy, safe and it’s very profitable.

The Financial Security of our 

Private Lending Clients is always our # 1 Priority.


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