Frequently Asked Questions About Private Lending

Private Lending

Who Borrows at High Rates and Why?

We do! Its not the cost of the money that matters it’s the ability to secure great investments because we can pay quickly with cash. The money is only tied up for a short while.


What’s the minimum amount of private lending investment?

The minimum investment is based on a case by case basis.


Who handles all of the Private lending details?

We do.  It’s our job to get you proper documentation and protect your private lending interest.


How do I get paid?

We will set up your account. The majority of our investors prefer to receive a one time, principle plus interest payment after the completion of a project.  For accounting reasons, this is a preferred way for our company, as well. We can pay quarterly interest only if required.


Is private lending a long-term investment?

It’s your money and it’s your choice. Generally, your investment is tied to a specific project with a timeline ranging from three to twelve months.  We also have lending programs for short term holds of three to six months.  We also have longer term holds of one year or longer.  Whatever suits your strategy, we can make it happen.

What if I need to liquidate?

If you want to liquidate, a 45 day written notice is required, that is because we will need to replace your funds with another investor’s money.  You really shouldn’t make mortgage loans if you feel you will liquidate this shortly, but the option is always available and we have been able to liquidate more quickly in some scenarios. Also, unlike with a bank CD, there is no penalty for early withdrawal.  Just call us, and we will handle all of the details. 


Is my Private lending investment really as safe as it sounds?

Yes! The private lending processes we have in place are strictly adhered to before purchasing any property. TREP Capital works with a team of experts who collectively review all aspects of the property before purchase to ensure maximum return and safe investing


Can I use my RRSP or Pension Funds

Providing private lending loans for Real Estate is a widely accepted use for RRSP’s and other Retirement Plans.  Most people do not know that you can make private lending mortgage loans using the funds that are already in your RRSP’s and other retirement plans. A private lending expert from TREP Capital will gladly help educate you on all available options and required procedures.


What kind of documents should I as the private lender receive? 

1) A copy of the mortgage.  The original will be recorded.

2) An original Promissory Note.

3) A hazard insurance endorsement naming you as mortgagee.

Private Lending Testimonials


TREP Capital, private lending investment vehicle has provided me with an excellent opportunity to diversity my portfolio. The private lending returns are consistent and well above the average compared to my other investments. The opportunity for additional streams of income that TREP Capital provides allows me to accelerate toward my financial goals. TREP Capital staff has always displayed professionalism and provides me with profit, courteous and personal service.

Nora C. Toronto


We started with TREP Capital, private lending. It provided double the interest return on our investment that we previously had been experiencing. We have enjoyed this very easy way to make money. TREP Capital’s team stand behind their system. It’s been the most lucrative private lending investment strategy for us.  And the most secure considering the volatility in the Stock Market that we previously experienced. Knowing that our money is secured by a deed of trust put us at ease, while we benefit from the returns. This is a great opportunity to earn a higher return without enduring high risk.

Jelena K. Burlington


I met the president of TREP Capital about five years ago, and since then we have done private lending business together. The one thing that stands out about TREP Capital is that they have been honest, loyal and act with great integrity. I have referred other business to them and will continue to do so.


Arun P- Barrie


I have been investing in real estate for about 10 years now, during good, bad and challenging times. TREP Capital has provided me an investment vehicle with significantly higher returns, less risk, and far less work than other investments I had participated in, including other real estate transactions. Multiple streams of income opportunities through various programs should be a part of every investor’s plan for passive income. My portfolio would not be where it is today without the private lending strategies and opportunities TREP Capital investment created for me.


Ernie S- Sudbury