Frequently Asked Questions About Rent2Own

How Does a Rent2own Program Work?

–      TREP will rent you the home of your choice (you and our Realtor assist you in finding a suitable home) and grant you the exclusive right to purchase it at a predetermined (1-10 years) date.

–      This will give you time to save up for a larger down payment and also time to clean up your past credit issues

–      We are obligated to sell to you, however you are not obligated to buy the Rent 2own property. It is your choice.

–      A portion of your monthly Rent2own payment and 100% of your initial Rent2Own deposit is credited towards the purchase price of the home.

–       The purchase price of the property is established and agreed upon in advance. The benefit is that the Rent2own property will more than likely appreciate in value considerably by the time you purchase it at the lower price thereby giving you equity before you even own the house.

–      Our goal in a Rent2own is to help you qualify for a mortgage so you can own your own home as soon as possible. A true win-win scenario.


How Much of an Initial Down Payment Do I Need?

–      The actual amount required will depend on the property, location and the amount of your monthly Rent2own payments.

–      It is usually around 3-5% of the value of the property. This will be credited 100% to you to be applied towards the down payment of the property

–      Remember, we want you to become a homeowner within 2 or 3 years or hopefully sooner by following our process that is geared to help you eventually qualify for a mortgage.


Can I Use Borrowed Funds for my Initial Rent2own Payment?

–      Absolutely! Yes. Unlike most lending institutions, we accept borrowed funds. If you have a close friend or relative willing to lend you money, you can use that for your Rent 2own home.

Self-Employed /Commission-Based – Do I Still Qualify?

–      Yes, we help many people in this situation. We are very flexible and take into account that your income may not always be guaranteed and may vary.


What if My Credit is Horrible – Do I Still Qualify?

–      Yes you do, we determine this on a case by case basis. We believe in providing everybody with the opportunity to own their own home. What we ask is that you are completely honest about yourself when you provide us with your credit information so we can really help you better in determining what is best the best course of action for you.

Am I able to Rent Out the Property?

–      Yes on a case by case basis however the tenants must be screened and approved by TREP. You can place a tenant into the property if you wish. Please note: You will also be responsible for all maintenance, repairs and damages that may occur.

What about Property Taxes, Building Insurance and Condo Fees?

–      We pay for this. We will pay for the property taxes, building insurance and condo fees to ensure they are always paid in a timely matter as this protects your investment.

Who is it that Pays for the Regular Maintenance of the Property?

–      You are responsible for the maintaining of the property as you will more than likely become the homeowner. Therefore, you will be the direct beneficiary of any and all improvements, as they will increase the value of your home.

Is the Purchase Price of the Home Negotiable?

–      No it is predetermined and agreed upon in advance to protect everybody’s interests.

Monthly Payment Terms Negotiable?

–      No, however there are options available to you. For example, the monthly rent can be reduced by increasing your initial payments.

How Do Payments Compare to Traditional Mortgage Payments?

–      With all factors considered, our all-inclusive Rent2own payments are actually lower than paying hefty bank mortgages. You save!


Can I Choose any Home I Want for the Rent2own program?

–      Yes! However, the property must meet our parameters of being of sound construction and being located in areas that are appreciating in value. We protect you by making certain the home will be a good fit for you and is in a safe and secure area.

What if I Can’t Afford the Monthly Rent and Option Payments Right Now?

–      Your monthly rental costs are roughly the same as you would pay for rent in a home. So why not choose home ownership and pay yourself first versus paying a landlord?

–      We will work closely with you throughout the process to help you find an appropriate house that you can afford and enjoy.


What Happens if I am Unable to Make my Monthly Rent2own Payment?

–      We require that you honour all your obligations under the terms and conditions of our Rent2own contract. You will be responsible to pay the correct amount on time. If you fail to do so, you will be considered to be in default under the terms and conditions of theRent2own contract.

What Happens if I Do Not Want to Buy the House at the End of the Lease?

–      There are options. If you need more time we can extend the lease longer or

       we can help you secure financing, perhaps we might even finance you. 

–      You can choose to walk away and owe us no further money. However the credits you have accumulated towards your future down payment are non-refundable.


How Soon Can we move into our new Home?

–      Quickly, usually within a few weeks!


I’m Ready Now To Rent2own, 

What IS My Next Step?


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Who is Rent2own For?

1) Bankruptcy

Is the number one reason why people consider Rent2own. Bankruptcy can leave you stranded with nowhere to go. TREP will help you put your life back together with our Rent2own program.

2) Bad credit or No Credit

Your credit score is not stellar for many reasons beyond your control. The TREP Rent2own program will help you rebuild your credit and help you get into your own home fast.

3) Self-Employment

Sometimes it is very difficult to buy a home when you are self- employed. Often you are asked to come up with a large down payment for a house, which is often very difficult to do. TREP Rent2own program will make it easy to buy your home now.

4) Lost Your Employment

Like many people, you have recently lost your job. Let Trep’s Rent2own program fill the gap and allow you to still buy a home for you and your family.

5) Relocation

You are new to a city or province and believe you know where you want to live but aren’t sure of the Real Estate market, yet want the option to rent and possibly own your house. Trep’s Rent2own program is a perfect fit for for you.

6) Down Payment

You just don’t have a significant down payment. Like may others you find yourself in this frustrating position. Let Trep’s Rent2own program alleviate the stress and get you moving into your new home right away.

7) Divorce / Life Changes

Divorce can be a financially draining event. TREP’s Rent2own program offers immediate solutions for those those caught in these tough circumstances.

8) New Immigrants to Canada: 

It is difficult to establish credit when you are brand new to a country. TREPS’s Rent2own program understands that this is very difficult. Let us put together a program to get you and your family into a nice home and get your credit established quickly.