Rent2own Tenant/Buyer Pre-Packaged

 Investment Property For Sale

What is a Tenant/Buyer Pre-Packaged Investment Property for sale?

This is an opportunity to lease your RTO home to a tenant/buyer where:

1.  TREP has already met the Tenant/Buyer.

2.  TREP has already collected the upfront option payment from tenant.

3.  The Tenant buyer has already completed our initial RTO application form


 and also:

We have fully completed all the following due diligence on behalf of you, the investor:


·         Confirm tenant / buyer identity ( copy of drivers Licence, SIN )

·         Employment verification

·         Income verification – collected recently paystubs

·         Collected recent Notice of Assessments

·         Perform Credit check

·         Landlord verification etc

Presently, we are looking for investors who have available RTO homes and are looking to fill it with a tenant/buyer  OR investors looking to buy a new investment home that they intent to RTO in Toronto and the GTA. TREP can also purchase your investment property for sale for our RTO clients.

To date: we have about 10 completely qualified clients on our waiting list – READY TO GO!

Our program is very simple: Basically – you (the investor) provide the RTO home and we provide you with a completely screened tenant/buyer.







·         Avoid lost revenue (the tenant is already lined up for you – no need to spend 2-3 months searching for a good and qualified tenant.)

·         Avoid expensive advertising costs

·         No more hours wasted pre-screening hundreds of un-qualified leads and tenants

·         Avoid all the headaches of installing a bad tenant in your home (TREP does the due diligence – we only present to you the best tenant/buyer for your home)

·         Save time and hassle (tenant can move in ASAP no delays)

·         TREP will buy your investment property for sale for a RTO tenant

As Usual we assign these opportunities on a first come, first served basis to be as fair as possible.

Examples of Pre-Packaged Rent2own Investment 

Property for Sale Deals or RTO placements

Deal 1 –  Mississauga, Ontario

The Tenant/Buyers: John Doe
City & Province: Mississauga, Ontario
Occupations: Executive Assistant & LTD

The Numbers:
Listed Price: $370,000
Tenant’s Deposit: $20,000 (5.4%+)
Investor Down Payment Required: $74,000 (20%)
Monthly Cash Flow: $592
Net Profit: $63,825
Estimated ROI: 32% per annum

Deal 2 – Niagara Falls, Ontario

The Tenant/Buyers: Marketing Exec
City & Province: Niagara Falls, Ontario
Occupations: Labourer & PSW

The Numbers:
Listed Price: $89,000
Tenant’s Deposit: $4,300 (4.8%+)
Investor Down Payment Required: $17,800 (20%)
Monthly Cash Flow: $391
Net Profit: $17,709
Estimated ROI: 36% per annum

Right now, we are urgently looking for Sophisticated Real Estate Investors who would like to participate in a secure investment that will provide a solid return AND at the same time will give our clients an opportunity to work towards buying the home in the end. A true win-win situation! Investment property for sale with all the hassles removed generating you a quicker profit!

Rent2Own Updates
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Who is Rent2own For?

1) Bankruptcy

Is the number one reason why people consider Rent2own. Bankruptcy can leave you stranded with nowhere to go. TREP will help you put your life back together with our Rent2own program.

2) Bad credit or No Credit

Your credit score is not stellar for many reasons beyond your control. The TREP Rent2own program will help you rebuild your credit and help you get into your own home fast.

3) Self-Employment

Sometimes it is very difficult to buy a home when you are self- employed. Often you are asked to come up with a large down payment for a house, which is often very difficult to do. TREP Rent2own program will make it easy to buy your home now.

4) Lost Your Employment

Like many people, you have recently lost your job. Let Trep’s Rent2own program fill the gap and allow you to still buy a home for you and your family.

5) Relocation

You are new to a city or province and believe you know where you want to live but aren’t sure of the Real Estate market, yet want the option to rent and possibly own your house. Trep’s Rent2own program is a perfect fit for for you.

6) Down Payment

You just don’t have a significant down payment. Like may others you find yourself in this frustrating position. Let Trep’s Rent2own program alleviate the stress and get you moving into your new home right away.

7) Divorce / Life Changes

Divorce can be a financially draining event. TREP’s Rent2own program offers immediate solutions for those those caught in these tough circumstances.

8) New Immigrants to Canada: 

It is difficult to establish credit when you are brand new to a country. TREPS’s Rent2own program understands that this is very difficult. Let us put together a program to get you and your family into a nice home and get your credit established quickly.