Frequently Asked Questions From Sellers 

TREP buys houses in most price ranges and anywhere in and around the GTA. TREP will pay cash with no conditions with closing in a few days in many cases. TREP will take care of all paper work and make all the arrangements for you. 


How Fast Can You Buy My Home?

TREP will have a Purchase Agreement written instantly after viewing your home. We can act as fast you need to have your home sold and alleviate all your worries.


How Does This Work?

TREP will contact you promptly and arrange with you a time to drop by and meet you to take look at your home. In many cases we can make arrangements on the spot to purchase your home very quickly.

Can You Stop Power Of Sale?

Absolutely- we can put a stop to a Power of Sale with one phone call. It is very important that you contact us before the bank takes possession of your home. This would ruin your credit for up to 7 years.


Do You Only Buy Houses?

We can purchase any and all types of Real Estate. Fast!


Are You Real Estate Agents?

NO! We are Investors. We do not charge any fees or commissions to purchase your home. We will just buy it straight out. Real Estate Agents will only list your home not purchase it. Then they take large commission dollars from out of your pocket.


Do You Buy Homes in need of repair?

Yes, we buy homes in need of repair and in virtually any condition.

I’m Behind On My Mortgage Payments Can You Help?

Yes, but you need to take action and contact us right away so that we can stop the bank from taking possession of your home.


Where Do You Buy Homes?

We buy homes usually within an hour radius of Toronto and the GTA. We have expansion plans in place as we speak.


OUR Mortgage Is Higher Than The Property Value. Is there something that you can do?

Yes, we can still buy your home.

 Why Should We Call You Instead Of A Realtor?

We don’t charge any commissions and we can buy it fast.


Do You Charge Commissions?

No. We buy your home. There are no commissions involved.

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